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Buttock Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

What is a Butt Lift?

A butt lift, or brazilian butt lift, technically termed gluteoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that lifts and tightens the buttocks. A successful butt lift can be accomplished through several different surgical procedures.   These include: fat transfer techniques, placement of gluteal implants, or lipoinjection augmentation. The most common surgical techniques performed for gluteal augmentation include the use of implants and a combination of liposuction/lipoinjection procedures. The cutting and removal of excess and/or damaged tissue will allow space for the gluteal implants and/or lipoinjection of purified fat that is removed from areas of the body with unwanted excess fatty tissue. Although small amounts of fat can be removed along with your excess skin, a butt lift is not intended to remove significant fat deposits. You should be at a stable weight or near your ideal weight before considering a butt lift.

Who is a good candidate for a buttocks lift?

A butt lift is usually performed on those with excess amounts of loose, hanging skin on the buttocks and back of the upper thighs. Similar to the way a body lift can address excess loose skin in the abdominal region of formerly obese patients following massive weight loss, a butt lift is an excellent solution for patients who want to get rid of excess loose skin on their backside and replace it with a well-shaped and proportionate butt.

The ideal candidate for a butt lift is a non-smoker, who is in good health and at a stable weight through a commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is also important for the patient to have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. If you are in the Phoenix area and are interested in enhancing your body contour with a bigger beautiful butt, then contact us to set up an initial consultation with Dr. DeVito at our Scottsdale facility. Get the detailed feedback you need from an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to make an informed decision.

Brazilian Butt Lift:

Many people opt for the increasingly popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.  This involves fat transfer from one or more areas of your body to your buttocks and requires no implants. This procedure is also ideal for candidates who want to minimize scarring because the procedure involves liposuction which typically uses very small incisions that heal very well. Some of the more popular areas for fat removal are the abdomen, thighs, and sides of the back. Once the fat is removed, it is purified in order to re-insert the best possible fat into the buttocks. The fat is injected back into the butt to create the firmer, fuller butt you desire.

Some of the key advantages of a Brazilian Butt Lift are:

  • It can enhance your figure by reducing waist-to-hip ratio without increasing overall body weight.
  • The fat used to enhance your backside is taken from your own body. The risks of rejection and other complications are greatly reduced.
  • The area that fat is removed from benefits from a slimmer, more contoured appearance. The abdomen, thighs, and lower back are common donor sites.

Recovery from a Butt Lift:

Immediately following buttock lift you are likely to experience some discomfort due to swelling. The areas involved in the procedure will be wrapped with a compression garment.   You will receive oral pain medication to alleviate discomfort. Most patients require 2 weeks of recovery before resuming normal activities. Only 65-85 percent of the injected fat will remain after surgery due to resorption into your body. The final results will be visible as swelling gradually subsides in the weeks following the procedure.

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