Breast Revision Surgery

Breast Implant Replacement in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

Breast Implant Replacement? Many people may find themselves asking, “Why would someone want to exchange their breast implants?” The truth is most women who have breast augmentation undergo subsequent procedures at some point during their lifetime. Breast implants are not considered permanent, and there are a number of reasons why this is true.

The most common reasons for seeking a breast implant revision include:

• Size Change
• Material Change
• Implant Rupture

Here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, women who wish to change their breast implants can be easily treated using a breast implant exchange procedure.

Common Reasons for a Breast Implant Replacement

Although the majority of women who undergo breast augmentation are extremely satisfied with their results, a number of women wish to alter the size of their implants at some point. When asked about their feelings regarding their breast enhancement, many women answer that they love their new breasts but wish they would have gone even bigger. In some cases, these women may have intended to go larger but were talked out of it. There are also some women who wish to have smaller implants put in. In either event, a breast implant exchange procedure can be used to achieve the desired size change.

For years, saline was the only material available on the market. Silicone implants were banned in the 1990’s and have only been back on the market since 2006. Today, many women feel that their saline implants feel too rigid or unnatural. In areas along the top or sides of the breasts, there may also be some rippling with these implants. For some women, it makes sense to exchange the saline for silicone implants. Silicone carries many advantages, including a softer texture and more natural shape. Cohesive gel silicone implants, also known as gummy bear implants, are an even newer product that improves upon the look and feel of other silicone models. A breast implant exchange can swap out your old implants for a newer material to enhance the look and feel of your breasts.

Due to natural wear and tear or accidents, breast implants can occasionally rupture. Fortunately, this is not dangerous for you. Silicone implants do not leak if ruptured, and the gel they contain is not harmful to the body. Most of the time, the only way to tell if a silicone implant has ruptured is by using an MRI scan. On the other hand, saline implants deflate when ruptured. The body absorbs the sterile saline solution, which is completely harmless. However, the deflated appearance will be immediately noticeable. Many women who experience this condition seek immediate surgery to avoid the embarrassment of being seen with a deflated breast. Although silicone does not leak, ruptured silicone implants should still be exchanged.

What to Expect AFTER a Breast Revision Surgery

Breast implant exchange is a relatively simple procedure. Because the pocket that holds the implant is made during the initial procedure, a breast implant exchange procedure tend to be less invasive and painful than a first-time breast enhancement. Most of the time, the incisions used for the initial procedure can be used for the exchange, meaning no new scars. Through these incisions, Dr. DeVito can remove the old implant and insert the new one. Following your breast implant exchange, you should recover faster and experience less discomfort than with your previous procedure. Because the pockets for the implants are already formed, there is no need to create new ones, which can disturb the surrounding tissue. Other than that, your recovery process should be similar to that of your initial breast augmentation procedure.

If you are interested in exchanging your breast implants or think that you may have ruptured them, schedule your appointment to meet with Dr. DeVito today. She can examine your current breast implants and recommend the best course of action for you.

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