Patient Testimonials

“I am very happy with my results. Dr. DeVito did an excellent job and I would recommend her to anyone needing surgery.” – LC

“Dr. DeVito did a wonderful job!! I love my results they are better than what I could ever imagine. Thanks!” – CM

“The results of my augmentation surpassed all of my expectations.” – AV

“I was very pleased with my results. Dr. DeVito was amazing and office staff was always very helpful.” – DH

“I don’t think there is a better plastic and reconstructive doctor than Dr. DeVito in the entire western region. Any questions that I may answer to any patients in the future would not be a problem at all.” – JM

“I could not have asked for a better outcome! Dr. DeVito really listened to my requests and delivered exactly the results I wanted. Dr. DeVito and the rest of the staff made the entire process very comfortable and easy. I would return to her in a heartbeat! Thank you for this very special gift. You are very good at what you do! I have and will continue to sing your praises and recommend friends and family members to you.” – GW

“Dr. DeVito did an amazing job on my Breast Augmentation. A lumpectomy 20+ years ago left me with different sized breasts. My augmentation procedure corrected this problem and gave me the size and shape I’d never had. I look very natural and am now able to feel confident in swimwear and summer clothing. Dr. DeVito is not only a wonderful surgeon, but a caring doctor who listens to her patients and takes the time to answer any questions about your procedure so you feel completely confident in her care. I feel very lucky to have found her!” – KJ

“For many years I knew I had wanted to have plastic surgery on my face and eyes. I was very unhappy at 52 years old each time I looked into the mirror and saw the tell-tale signs of getting older. I think each woman goes through a period like this. The hardest part of any cosmetic surgery is deciding on the surgeon themselves. I have two daughters who came to you for breast augmentation and I was so impressed with their results. It was wonderful to see how pleased and happy their procedures made them. I always taught them that beauty comes from the inside which I still believe is true. Somehow I still felt what I was feeling on the inside and did not show on my outside appearance. When I finally made my decision to go ahead with my face lift, and Blepharoplasty on my eyes, I had no problem deciding that you were my first choice of surgeons. Sometimes seeing what you have accomplished on someone else make all the difference. Seeing is believing! I saw what a meticulous job you did on my daughters and this made my decision so much easier.

I was greeted by you and your staff in such a warm and friendly matter and felt like I was treated as a very important individual. I think having a good relationship with you doctor makes all the difference.

You and your staff make a good team. You are all so down to earth and very comforting. I cannot tell you how much you have changed the way I feel about myself. I definitely will, and have, recommended you to all our family and friends for any procedures they are preparing to do.

I am looking forward now to the laser resurfacing we plan to do in the future and trust my care in your petite little hands. Thanks so much!!”

“This letter is long overdue given the fact that I am four months post-op, but I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I chose you to perform my Abdominoplasty last November. It took me a year following my weight loss to seriously consider having anything done about my sagging mid-section, and another year of research, prayer (and saving) before I felt ready to move ahead with the surgery. I am sure that many people put a significant amount of thought into a decision like this, but in my case. . .well, it took me longer than most.

There are many physicians out there who claim to be skilled in plastic surgery, but not nearly as many who have developed mastery of the skill. From our first meeting I knew that you were not only competent, but that you take a great deal of personal pride in the outcome of every procedure you perform. This characteristic gave me the confidence I needed to trust you, and I am so glad that I did.

My greatest fear in contemplating plastic surgery was that I would end up unhappy with the results after going through all the pain and expense. Let me assure you, Dr. DeVito, that this surgery has made such a profound difference in me that, frankly, I’m still amazed. It’s like I’m wearing somebody else’s body! I spent most of my 20’s overweight, and all of my 30s and half of my 40s being seriously obese. I have not had a flat tummy and curvy waistline since before my first daughter was born (nearly 28 years ago). What you have done feels like a miracle to me, and I simply cannot thank you enough.

I would be remiss if I neglected to comment on your gracious and helpful staff, Wendy and Terri. These ladies have been so thoughtful, patient and sweet throughout this process, making what would otherwise have been a completely humbling experience much easier on a naturally shy person like me. They are worth their weight in gold! Your efforts have blessed my life a great deal, and I wish you continued success in all that you do. Please accept my sincerest thanks for your role in changing my life for the better.” – NL

“In March of 1998 I was in a near fatal car accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was taken to the trauma center at the University of New Mexico hospital. It was there I was blessed with Dr. Devito. I had a crushed cheek bone and orbital structure bone. Dr. DeVito studied my facial features closely before she put my face back together. It had been almost twelve years and I had always been curious about the whereabouts of the woman that gave me my face back. I would love to have an opportunity to just say thank you. Dr DeVito has truly been a miracle in my life. People that didn’t know me before my accident can hardly tell that I have had reconstructive surgery.” – RR

“Dr. DeVito and Staff, I just wanted to say thank you all for your kindness, patience and professional guidance throughout my procedure and after care. I’ve officially made it to my three-month recovery period and am happy to say that I’m healing nicely. I’ve resumed my regular routine as was directed at three-month mark.

I was hoping to make it back to Phoenix in the spring; however it may not be until closer to summer. May I call you to schedule an appointment once I am in town? It would be nice to see everyone and thank you in person once again.

Thank you Dr. DeVito and staff for all of your help.”

“Dr. DeVito, Thanks for all you have done for me. I especially appreciate all you have done to help correct my homecare misstep. I do not know too many doctors who have gone the extra mile that you have, then again you are a runner. I thank God daily that He brought you into my life and that you accepted me as your patient. You ARE a blessing. – RW

“Dr. DeVito, a special thank you for the procedure you first performed. What a wonderful feeling you must have, knowing you have helped so many. I found you most pleasant and know you did a great job. Continued success is wished for you always.” – EP

“Dr. DeVito, I just want to say thank you for performing my Breast Augmentation surgery. You are truly an amazing doctor, and I am so happy I chose you. It has only been one week, and although I’m still very sore, I feel so much better already. I also feel my confidence coming back when I look in the mirror. . . Thank you for giving that back to me. Thank you!” – LG

“Dr. DeVito, when Thanksgiving comes along each year, I will always remember and thank God for my many wonderful blessings in my life . . . You are one of those blessings and I am forever grateful.

Your professional grace and kind, sweet manner was and is so comforting during this very frightening last year. Remember me always as you sit at you Thanksgiving table as I will always think of you with adoring gratitude and respect. Happiness and good health in the new year.” – TT

“Dr. DeVito, I hope this beautiful day finds you well and happy! After an enormous undertaking, my family and I are in a wonderful place embraced by family and dear friends which has been long overdue. I feel blessed for every moment I have and being back home creates a thriving, healthy atmosphere for all of us. I can’t thank you enough for being the special lady that you are! You have made me feel like a complete woman once again and my life went from wonderful to miraculous in spite of my illness. I will miss you a lot and will stay in touch always. Be happy, be well and God Bless.” – TT

“Dr. DeVito, words can not describe how thankful I am. You have seriously done so much for me, and you have absolutely no idea how much this impacts my life (in a positive way!) Before I came to you I felt so bad about myself. I was so ashamed and embarrassed of my “bulge”. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work and it was so depressing. I cried so much over my stomach and it really consumed my feelings, my attitude, and my mind. I didn’t really have the greatest view of plastic surgery, but this journey has opened up my eyes so much. What you do is amazing and life changing. You take people’s insecurities and fix them. You make people feel beautiful, which is an adjective I never thought I’d use to describe myself. I also have to say that I was so scared and completely embarrassed to have plastic surgery at such a young age, but you made it an amazing experience. You are so kind, caring, accepting and welcoming. I was so excited to see you and your staff at each appointment. You guys really made me feel welcome and special! Thanks to you Dr. DeVito., I never will have to wear baggy clothes that cover up my body! I feel like I’m finally a normal teenage girl that doesn’t have to focus and be embarrassed about myself 24/7. You are absolutely amazing and have changed my life. Thank you so much for everything.” – CC